Liber Tertius
De interna consolatine.

Chapter 14

THE DISCIPLE - YOU thunder forth Your judgments over me, Lord. You shake all my bones with fear and trembling, and my soul is very much afraid. I stand in awe as I consider that the heavens are not pure in Your sight. If You found wickedness in the angels and did not spare them, what will become of me? Stars have fallen from heaven, and I -- I who am but dust -- how can I be presumptuous? They whose deeds seemed worthy of praise have fallen into the depths, and I have seen those who ate the bread of angels delighting themselves with the husks of swine.

Cap. 14.
De judiciis Dei occultis considerandis,
ne extollamur in bonis.

1. Intonas super me judicia tua, Domine, et timore ac tremore concutis omnia ossa mea et expavescit anima mea valde. Sto attonitus et considero, quia cæli non sunt mundi in conspectu tuo. Si in Angelis reperisti pravitatem, nec tamen epercisti, quid fiet de me. Ceciderunt stellæ de cælo, et ego pulvis quid præsumo? Quorum opra videbantur laudabilia, ceciderunt ad infima, et qui comedebant panem Angelorum, vidi siliquis delectari porcorum.  

There is no holiness, then, if You withdraw Your hand, Lord. There is no wisdom if You cease to guide, no courage if You cease to defend. No chastity is secure if You do not guard it. Our vigilance avails nothing if Your holy watchfulness does not protect us. Left to ourselves we sink and perish, but visited by You we are lifted up and live. We are truly unstable, but You make us strong. We grow lukewarm, but You inflame us. 2. Nulla est ergo sanctitas, si manum tuam retrahas, Domine. Nulla sapientia prodest, si gubernare desistas. Nulla juvat fortitudo, si conservare desinas. Nulla secura castitas, si eam non protegas. Nulla propria prodest custodia, si non adsit tua sancta vigilantia. Nam relicti mergimur et perimus; visitati autem: vivimus et erigimur. Instabiles quippe sumus, sed propter te confirmamur; tepescimus, sed a te accendimur.  
Oh, how humbly and lowly should I consider myself! How very little should I esteem anything that seems good in me! How profoundly should I submit to Your unfathomable judgments, Lord, where I find myself to be but nothing!
O immeasurable weight! O impassable sea, where I find myself to be nothing but bare nothingness! Where, then, is glory's hiding place? Where can there be any trust in my own virtue? All vainglory is swallowed up in the depths of Your judgments upon me.
3. O, quam humiliter et abjecte mihi de me ipso sentiendum est, quam nihili pendendum est si quid boni videor habere. O, quam profunde me submittere debeo sub abyssalibus tuis judiciis, Domine; ubi nihil aliud me esse invenio, quam nihil et nihil. O, pondus immensum, o pelagus instransnatabile, ubi nihil de me reperio, quam in totum nihil. Ubi est ergo latebra gloriæ? Ubi confidentia de gloria concepta? Absorpta est omnis gloria vana in profunditate judiciorum tuorum super me.  
What is all flesh in Your sight? Shall the clay glory against Him that formed it? How can he whose heart is truly subject to God be lifted up by vainglory? The whole world will not make him proud whom truth has subjected to itself. Nor shall he who has placed all his hope in God be moved by the tongues of flatterers. For behold, even they who speak are nothing; they will pass away with the sound of their words, but the truth of the Lord remains forever. 4. Quid est omni caro in conspectu tuo? Numquid gloriabitur lutum contra formantem se? Quomodo potest erigi vaniloquio, cujus cor in veritate subjectum est Deo? Non eum totus mundus erigeret, quem sibi subjecit veritas. Nec omnium laudantium ore movebitur, qui totam spem suam in Deo firmavit. Nam et ipsi qui loquuntur, ecce omnes nihil, et deficient cum sonitu verborum. Veritas autem Domini manet in æternum.