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Diocese of Mymensingh

BISHOP  :  Most Rev. Francis A. Gomes, DD
Date of Birth and Place  :  April 10, 1931, Rangamatia

Ordination to 

Priesthood :  December 20, 1959, Rome 
Elected Bishop :  May 15, 1787
Address :  P.O. Box-37
   Mymensingh -2200
Phone  :  (091) 54280
Patron of the Diocese :  St. Patrick

Total Area

:  16448 Sp. Miles
Total Population :  13692042
Catholic Population :  54,382
Language Spoken :  Bangla, Garo and English. 
   The Diocese of Mymesingh has under its  
   the civil Districts: Mymensingh, Tangail, Kishorganj,
   jurisdiction     Netrikona, Jamalpur and Sherpur.
BRIEF HISTORY  : Before September 1987, Mymensingh was part of Dhaka Archdiocese. So, the early history of the Church in this Diocese is linked up with the history of Dhaka. In the second half of the 16th century  there were Catholics in various parts of what is now Mymensingh Diocese, such as Hoshenpur of Kishorganj District.In 1914, Five Garo men from present day Ranikhong parish went to the Bishop of Dhaka and requested a priest. They were Baptists. A year later, the Bishop sent Fr. Fleury CSC, and Brother Eugene CSC, to study the situation. After teir Favourable response, a priest was sent in 1915, Fr. Adolph Francis CSC. He settled in Thousalpara, and Began the Apostolate of the Church Among the Garos in northern Mymensingh District, in a 90 miles stretch from the border with Sylhet District on the East to the Jamuna River on the West. Today, 7 parishes exist along the line, from West to East : Mariamnagar, Baramari Biroidakuni, Bhalukapara, Ranikhong, Baluchora, Baruakuna. three other parishes are further south : Mymensingh and, 25 miles further, Jalchatra and pirgacha. 
On May 15, 1987, Pope John  Paul 11 erected the Diocese of Mymensingh and named as first Bishop, Fr. Francis Anthony Gomes, who was then studying in Rome. On May 27 The Bishop-elect was called to the office of Propaganda Fide and informed of his election. The news was published on June 6. On September 8, the new Diocese was officially erected and the new Bishop was consecrated in Mymensingh.